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Driver Signup / የአሽከርካሪ ምዝገባ

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መኪና አለዎት?

ከስር ከተዘረዘሩት መኪኖች ውስጥ አንዱ ካለዎ ራይድን ዛሬውኑ ተቀላቅለው መስራት ይችላሉ:: ራይድ በዘመናዊ መልኩ በከተማችን ውስጥ ተሳፋሪን ከቦታ ቦታ ማጓጓዝ ጀምሯል:: ይህ ዘመናዊ አሰራር አለማችንን እንደ ማዕበል ያጥለቀለቀ ሲሆን፣ እነሆ በከተማችንም Hybrid Designs PLC በሚባል ሃገር በቀል ድርጅት ራይድ በሚል መለዮ አገልግሎቱን በሰፊው ይሰጣል:: ባሁኑ ግዜ በሸዎች የሚቆጠሩ አሽከርካሪዎች ድርጅታችንን ተቀላቅለው ገቢያቸውን በእጥፍ ድርብ አሳድገዋል:: እርስዎስ?

Do you have one of the cars listed below? Turn it into a cash cow. The city is on fire and RIDE makes it easy for you to cash in all day, everyday. If your car is outside our specification call us to evaluate it individually.


Allowed Vehicle Types / የሚፈቀዱ የመኪና አይነቶች

  • Toyota brands (ሞዴሉ 2000ና ከዛ በላይ)
    • Vitz, Executive Corolla, Yaris, Platez, Camery
  • Lifan (ሞዴሉ 2010ና ከዛ በላይ)
    • Lifan 530, Lifan 520, Lifan 620
  • Honda (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Hyundai (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
    • i10, Elentra
  • Nissan (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Terios (ሞዴሉ 2000ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Zotye (ሞዴሉ 2000ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Chvrolet (ሞዴሉ 2000ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • BMW (ሞዴሉ 2000ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Mercedes (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Ford (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Peugeot (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Suzuki (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Mitsubishi (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Jeep (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Renault (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Fiat (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Minibus (ሞዴሉ 2005ና ከዛ በላይ)
  • Any type of Pickup- ባለ 4 በር ብቻ  (ሞዴሉ 2000ና ከዛ በላይ)
    • Special requirement applies during inspection

** Drop by our office at Bole rd, Sheger building, rm 706,  if vehicle type isn’t listed for individual evaluation



ማንኛውም አይነት መኪና የብቃት ማረጋገጫ በራይድ ካልተሰጠው ተቀባይነት የለውም

ያስተውሉ! ማንኛውንም የመኪና ዶክመንት ከመቀየርዎ በፊት መጀመሪያ መኪናዎን ወደ ቦሌ ሸገር ፎቅ ቢ.ቁ 706 አምጥተው የቴክኒካል  ብቃት ፍተሻ ማስደረግ ይኖርብዎታል::


Need something within or outside the 9 to 5? / የስራ ሰዓትዎን እራስዎ ይምረጡ

ቢያሻዎ ቀንም ሆነ ማታ፣ ካልሆነ ማታ ከመደበኛ ስራዎ በኋላ ወይም ከመደበኛ የስራ ቀናት ውጭ ከራይድ ጋር ለመስራት ቢፈልጉ፣ በደስታ ይቻላል::


As an independent driver with RIDE, you’ve got freedom and flexibility to drive whenever you have time. Set your own schedule, so you can be there for all of life’s most important moments with friends and family.

Whether you’re supporting your family or saving for something big, RIDE gives you the freedom to work only when it makes sense for you.

You can work as a full time, part time or occasional driver just the way it fits you.


Registration Process / የምዝገባ አካሄድ

Drop by our office with the following documents to get started:

  • Business License : Transport, Warehouse and Communication works (የትራንስፖርት የመጋዘንና የኮሚዩኒኬሽን ስራዎች፣ ወይም የትራንስፖርት ) – for code 3 license holders
  • Vehicle registration document (የኪራይ ፈቃድ ያለው)
  • Driving License (License type permitted by insurance company to operate)
  • Proof of insurance subscription (የኢንሹራንስ ወረቀት)
  • Employment agreement if driver is different from owner (የቅጥር ውል)
  • 2 normal size pictures (ሁለት ጉርድ ፎቶ)
  • Smart phone version
    • IOS (above 8.0)
    • Android (above 6.0)

በራይድ ለመስራት በህግ የተፈቀደላቸው የታርጋ አይነቶች 1 ና 3 (አ.አ.) ብቻ ናቸው!

All vehicles serving under RIDE should be either code 1 or code 3 (Type of license:የትራንስፖርት የመጋዘንና የኮሚዩኒኬሽን ስራዎች) license plate holders. Code 2 vehicles are strictly prohibited from joining our fleet. When you change your vehicle to code 3, make sure to ask the authorities to stamp “Taxi Service” permission while acquiring the license.


To learn more about our service, visit our office at Bole Sheger building, rm # 706 during office hours.

በይበልጥ ለመረዳት ወደ ቢሯችን ቦሌ ሸገር ፎቅ ቢ.ቁ 706 በስራ ሰዓት ይምጡ


የስራ ሰዓት

ከሰኞ እስከ ዓርብ ጠዋት – 2:30 – ማታ 11:00

ቅዳሜ –  2:30 – ከሰዓት 6:30