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  • Capacity: 7 seat
  • Model: 2016 and above
  • City authority certified
  • Ideal to transport people and luggage
  • Accepts Cash or Corporate Account payment

English Speaking Driver

  • Vetted English speaking drivers with deep knowhow of city setting
  • highly professional and courteous to your needs

RIDE is the #1 transport hailing and booking platform in Ethiopia.

You can call our dispatch center at 8294/taxi, or use RIDE FREE Passenger App to book/hail your next trip on the streets of Addis Ababa. NO surge pricing. Whether you need a ride to/from the airport, or a quick transport service to get there on time, RIDE is the fastest and safest option in town. A pool of 6000+ vehicles are on standby, on every corner, to service your needs, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, including Holidays.

Are you a tourist in Addis Ababa? You can pre-book a RIDE days ahead. A well-vetted RIDE member driver arrives outside your stay, on time for a pickup. Instead of waiting on a hotel shuttle to fill up, you can use RIDE Passenger App to get a cab in minutes from anywhere in Addis Ababa. You’ll feel safe and accomplished by the day’s end, because our drivers are keen to your absolute convenience.

Booking or hailing a RIDE is so simple:

  1. Set your initial location on a map

  2. Set your destination location on a map

  3. Set the payment and booking schedule, and confirm. No worries, drivers accept cash.

A nearby driver calls you after accepting the order to verify your exact location
You can also see the driver’s picture, vehicle license plate and side numbers, and a brief info on the driver.

After completing a trip, you can request a paper-based receipt, or review our e-receipt sent out to your email automatically, upon payment confirmation.

You can call 8294 or use RIDE Passenger App to order!


In addition to our call center facility (8294) our service features encompass the following key items:

Passenger App/ online booking Features

  • Displays available online drivers live on a map
  • Allows users to hail RIDE on demand or pre-booked for later use
  • Past current and future trip history with detailed pieces of info such as driver Name, license plate, trip distance, amount charged, duration and method of payment
  • E-receipt through an email showing detailed trip route and info
  • E-wallet to manage prepaid credits and redeemed coupons

Online platform

  • Book online on a desktop and manage trips live
  • Review and manage E-wallet and corporate accounts
  • Consolidated past trip history with detailed pieces of info such as driver ID, license plate, distance travelled marked on a map, amount charged, duration and exact time of service, method of payment and rating of driver
  • Full periodical digital reports and cab print out receipts to corporate and individual users to budget efficiently

You can call 8294 /Dial ‘taxi’ on your phone / or download RIDE App to hail a RIDE or taxi from anywhere in Addis Ababa. RIDE taxi is the number one service in Ethiopia.