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Hybrid Designs PLC entered the RIDE hailing market in 2014 with a vision to make transportation in the capital safe, affordable and convenient through technology.


Since we started, we have built-up an impressive corporate client lists and organizations including:


  • Foreign Embassies and Consular Offices
  • Local and Foreign Private Companies
  • Shopping Malls and Super-Markets
  • Hotels and Venues
  • Hospitals and Mediums Size Clinics
  • Local and International NGOs
  • Primary and Secondary Schools

Our company is always delighted to make Addis Ababa dynamic and exciting to visitors, local residents and business owners by providing a highest quality service at all times, indiscriminately. Individual passengers and company owners routinely appreciate RIDE extensive trip reporting and finance-consolidating tools, as they help to manage periodical budgets efficiently in real time. Our core value is centered on a complete accountability and transparency approach, which makes us trusted by business partners and clients across the city.

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Our RIDE hailing and booking service includes a call center to receive vehicle requests from regular phones, passenger apps and a web-booking portal. RIDE driver and passenger apps are designed to calculate RIDE fares precisely, and report detailed workflow data to all the concerned stakeholders in real time. In addition to our call center facility (8294) our service features encompass the following key items:


Passenger App/ online booking Features

  • Displays available online drivers live on a map
  • Allows users to hail RIDE on demand or pre booked for later use
  • Past current and future trip history with detailed pieces of info such as driver Name, license plate, trip distance, amount charged, duration and method of payment
  • E-receipt through an email showing detailed trip route and info
  • E-wallet to manage prepaid credits and redeemed coupons

Online platform

  • Book online on a desktop and manage trips live
  • Review and manage E-wallet and corporate accounts
  • Consolidated past trip history with detailed pieces of info such as driver ID, license plate, distance travelled marked on a map, amount charged, duration and exact time of service, method of payment and rating of driver
  • Full periodical digital reports and cab print out receipts to corporate and individual users to budget efficiently